New Band "misui" has been formed by Former Members of A&D, MoNoLith, IGGY, HOLYCLOCK and XENON

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New Band

A new Visual Kei band has formed, consisting of a few musicians that have already been active in the Indie scene.

This new band called "misui" (ミスイ) announced its formation already in the first week of July but back then more details weren't available. On September 28th, 2019 they held their first official concert and we thought it's about time we give you some details on misui!

First of all, the line-up:

Vocal: Ryu (柳) (ex-MoNoLith)
Guitarist: Amane (天音)
Guitarist: Minato (湊人)
Bassist: Tetsuya
Drummer: LANA (-ラナ-)

And also the first release has been announced: it will be a mini album that is scheduled to drop in December. There are no more details but if you are interested in what they sound like you can take a listen here:

Shared by: Keia
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