RAZOR Loses Drummer in November

5mo ago   ·   Monday 21 Oct, 2019 - 09:52am UTC   ·   Keia   ·   3 upvotes   ·   0 comments   ·   1,311 views
RAZOR Loses Drummer in November

RAZOR's drummer Tetsuya has decided to leave the band.

In his official statement he thanks the other members for the past three years and states how amazing it is that he could be in a band together with them - but now he has decided for a different path.

Vocalist Ryoga also wishes him all the best on a path that hasn't really anything to do with music, so it seems like Tetsuya won't return on stage in the future. 

Tetsuya's last live as member of RAZOR will be the band's 3rd anniversary live on November 30th at MyNavi BLITZ Akasaka.

Shared by: Keia
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