LUNA SEA Celebrates 30th Anniversary with 10th Album

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LUNA SEA Celebrates 30th Anniversary with 10th Album

Japanese band LUNA SEA will release its 10th album "CROSS" at the end of the year.

The release date is scheduled for December 18th and it will drop in eight different versions. Three can be bought in shops, one at their concert at Saitama Super Arena and the other types are only available for fanclub members. 

11 songs will be included on the album. Among them also a song titled "uchuu no uta ~Higher and Higher~" and "Hisobi" that are opening songs for the anime "Mobile Suit gundam THE ORIGIN Zenya Akai Suisei".

Limited Edition Type A will come with a music video of the live version of "uchuu no uta ~Higher and Higher~" as well as a music video of "Hisobi".

Limited Edition Type B will come with an additional song titled "Beyond The Time ~mebious no uchuu wo koete~". The DVD of that type features the lyrics video of "uchuu no uta ~Higher and Higher~" as Japanese and English version.

The Fanclub "SLAVE" versions and the version that will be sold at the Saitama Super Arena live feature various concerts. 

LUNA SEA will celebrate its 30th anniversary with two Christmas concerts, one on December 21st and one on 22nd, at Saitama Super Arena.

Moreover, they will kick off their Japan tour on February 1st. 26 concerts will be held in 13 halls, always 2 concerts on consecutive days in one city.

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