Piko Cancels Concerts due to End-Stage Kidney Disease

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Piko Cancels Concerts due to End-Stage Kidney Disease

Vocalist Piko announced to go on hiatus in order to focus on medical treatment.

Piko states on his twitter account that he wasn't feeling well already since the end of March. Over the months his condition didn't improve but he thought that it just might be exhaustion. Finally he went to see a doctor and the result was: end-stage kidney disease. 

He is in hospital since the end of June to focus on treatment. Since this will take some time he had to cancel his concerts in October and November. The reason for this kidney failure isn't clear yet but it seems like it started already about 10 years ago and worsened over the time.

He currently has to undergo dialysis three times per week. Unfortunately it had no positive effect so far, so he had surgery to implant a shunt that is used for dialysis now.
Also it's planned that he will get his tonsils out since they have a bad influence on his kidneys and only worsen his condition.

Piko thanks his parents warm-heartely since they offered to be donors for a kidney transplant. If the blood is compatible with his own the surgery will eventually take place. 

According to his twitter he wants to return on stage if after the surgery everything works out well and he regains his health. In his entry he writes about his feelings: 

When I heard about the diagnosis first of all in my head everything went white.
After it went white it was overflowed with so many thoughts.
How will this turn out?
Why didn't I realize it earlier?
I might not be able to sing anymore.
For the first time in life I felt despair.
But there was also this part of me that definitely doesn't want to give up.
I don't want to let it end here.
There are still so many dreams I couldn't make come true yet.
I want to sing in front of everyone again.
With the days passing by that's what my thoughts turned into. And during that time I was really happy about all your messages conveying your worries and support. Thank you. Also, the messages from my friends and their visits really gave me back my strength. "I'm waiting, so definitely come back!" everyone said.  Thank you so much.

Piko expresses his deep desire to return on stage and sing in front of everyone again.

We wish a quick and full recovery!

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    I haven't heard about him before now, but I do hope that he will endure and get better. It is never easy for anyone to hear that they have any sort of terminal illness, and, for his parents to donate their kidneys without hesitation for love of their child, is pure strength. I have no other words. I only pray for a successful transplant surgery and that he recovers in order to return to the work that he loves.

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