KIYOHARU Celebrates 25th Anniversary with Cover Album

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KIYOHARU Celebrates 25th Anniversary with Cover Album

Vocalist KIYOHARU revealed the release date for his new album "Covers" and more details on it.

The album will be released on September 4th and includes covers from original songs by various artists released between 1972 and 2006. This is the track list:

01. Kasa ga nai (傘がない) (Original by Yosui Inoue (1972))
02. Kanashimi Johnny (悲しみジョニー) (Original by UA (1997))
03. SAKURA (Original by Ikimono-gakari (2006))
04. Omoide Makura (想い出まくら) (Original by Kyoko Kosaka (1975))
05. Azami-jou no Lullaby (アザミ嬢のララバイ) (Original by Miyuki Nakajima (1975))
06. Tsuki (月) (Original by Keisuke Kuwata (1994))
07. MOON (Original by REBECCA (1987))
08. Yasashii Kiss wo Shite (やさしいキスをして) (Original by DREAMS COME TRUE (2004))
09. Seppun (接吻) (Original by ORIGINAL LOVE (1993))
10. Koi (恋) (Original by Chiharu Matsuyama (1980))
11. Mokuren no Namida (木蓮の涙) (Original by Stardust Revue (1993))

The Regular Edition for 3000 Yen is CD only, the Limited Edition for 5000 Yen comes with a DVD featuring the music videos of the following songs that also include a self-cover, the song "Boukyaku no Sora" by SADS:

01. Kasa ga nai (傘がない) -Short ver.-
02. Kanashimi Johnny (悲しみジョニー) -Short ver.-
03. SAKURA -Short ver.-
04. MOON -Short ver.-
05. Yasashii Kiss wo Shite (やさしいキスをして) -Short ver.-
06. Seppun (接吻) -Short ver.-
07. Mokuren no Namida (木蓮の涙) -Short ver.-
08. Boukyaku no Sora (忘却の空) -Full ver.-

Two weeks later, on September 18th, the DVD "Music Clips" will follow for 6264 Yen featuring the full versions of these songs.

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