Junnosuke Taguchi & Rena Komine Admit To Possession Of Marijuana

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Junnosuke Taguchi & Rena Komine Admit To Possession Of Marijuana

The Kanto Narcotics Control Department has stated that both former KAT-TUN member Junnosuke Taguchi and actress Rena Komine have admitted that they possessed marijuana in violation of the Cannabis Control Act.

Taguchi and Komine's Tokyo home was searched on May 22 after the Kanto Narcotics Control Department received a tip about the use of marijuana. They were arrested on the spot after the discovery of marijuana.

Officials found several grams of marijuana in clear plastic bags that were not hidden. A grinder, a device used to break up cannabis to make it evenly flammable, as well as paper rolls used to create joints were also present.

The findings at their home suggest that the two smoked marijuana regularly but were not involved in its distribution. Officials are working to find out how they obtained the marijuana.

Taguchi and Komine are said to be cooperating with investigators since their arrest. The two have taken urine test for marijuana which will be sent out to a lab for testing on May 24.

Marijuana is illegal in Japan. Possession of marijuana is a punishable by up to 5 years in prison.

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    minhlunso1 9mo ago

    Marijuana is actually not as bad as majority's reaction. Poor Juno.

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