Kiryu's Takemasa Kujou Announced that he Got Married

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Kiryu's Takemasa Kujou Announced that he Got Married

A few times each week the members that are signed under Visual Kei label B.P.RECORDS upload funny videos to the label's youtube channel. But today's video was rather serious since one day after the band's tour final and announcement of a new single and tour Kiryu's Takemasa revealed that he is married.

He apologized for the late information since in fact he is already married for almost 2 1/2 years now! Takemasa revealed that his marriage took place in January 2017. 

In the video he explains that he thought a lot about if he shall talk about his marriage or not but in the end decided to finally talk, also because rumors started spreading a while ago. He is sorry for causing everyone worries and apologizes again for the late announcement. He also says that he knows there are different ways for fans to deal or not deal with this but he would be happy if everyone accepts that he is married. 

While in the rock scene it's not uncommon to talk about weddings and kids this announcement is quite a surprise for many fans since usually members of Visual Kei bands don't talk a lot about their private lives. Bands depend on their fans and since some of these fans like to dream about dating a bandmember their dreams are destroyed if they hear about them already beeing married. Therefore some fans stop supporting bands after such a fact comes to light. There are barely any bandmember in the current Visual Kei scene who officially revealed that they are married or have kids.

Still, Takemasa states in the end that he wants to keep on going with Kiryu the way it was until now and hopes for everyone's unchanged support.

Below you can watch the Japanese video:

Belated congratulations!

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