New Band The Guzmania has Formed

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New Band The Guzmania has Formed

This is some interesting news: A new band The Guzmania has formed by artists you might know!

On Wednesday they held a session live together and announced the start of their new band. The Guzmania's first mini album titled "kaika zenya" (開花前夜) has also been announced for June 26th under Universal Music.

But of course you probably want to know about the members now! So here they are:
VocalTokiha (時羽) (ex-Johnny's Jr., now also in The LADYBIRD)
Guitarist YOSHIO (ex-Viru's, BABOO (as "JOY"))
Bassist : Chobi (ちょび) (ex-xTRiPx, DIV)
Drummer : Tetsuya (テツヤ)

Keep an eye on their twitter account and website for song previews! They are also posting in English since YOSHIO is fluent in that language.

Source: Official Twitter Accounts, mh
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    I'm excited, but also sad. So many VKei have been disbanded or on indefinite hiatus. I'm hoping all the best though.

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