Maho Yamaguchi To Graduate From NGT48

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Maho Yamaguchi To Graduate From NGT48

Maho Yamaguchi has announced that she will be graduating from NGT48.

The idol made the announcement on April 21. Team G, which she was the Vice Captain of, held its final performance before the group dissolves and resets.

Prior to the announcement, Yamaguchi wrote a letter which she read at the concert. In it, the idol expressed her love for being an idol, and that her actions have been driven by a desire to improve idol life for her fellow group mates.

"I don't know anything more important than human life. I hope from the bottom of my heart that every day my colleagues can safely be an idol," Yamaguchi said.

Yamaguchi said she tried to stay in NGT48 to changes things to ensure what happened to her doesn't happen again to others. However, there was only so much she could do, and her graduation was inevitable.

The idol expressed her belief that she has done the right thing by coming forward with her assault and raising awareness of the issues experienced by those who have gone through similar situations. Although she did not get rewarded for doing the right thing, she thinks the world will ultimately be a better place.

Two other NGT48 members, Rena Hasegawa and Riko Sugahara, have also announced that they will be graduating from the group. The two are known to be friends with Yamaguchi.

A joint graduation concert for all three will be held at NGT48's theater on May 18.

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    Wish you the best Maho-chan, Hope you progress in your professional career, looking forward to hearing from you again

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