Ex-Janne Da Arc's Yasu Comments on Disbanding and Own Health Condition

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Ex-Janne Da Arc's Yasu Comments on Disbanding and Own Health Condition

Earlier this month we had sad news for you: Visual Kei band Janne Da Arc disbanded after more than 20 years. Also today we don't have really good news - vocalist Yasu made an announcement regarding the disbanding and talked about his own health.

Yasu expresses his gratitude towards the fans that were waiting all these years for a comeback of Janne Da Arc but also stated that only to keep something on hold doesn't mean to protect it - even if you love it that much.
"I think for you all Janne Da Arc was a page of your youth. For me it was all of it." He continues saying that "I couldn't listen to Janne Da Arc until now but isn't it irony that now, after we have disbanded, I can listen to the songs again? It was such a good band."

In summer 2017 Yasu went on indefinite hiatus after suffering from damage of his cervical vertebrae. He left Japan to focus on getting better and says in today's statement that he had two surgeries but doesn't want to get a third one. 

"This is a really sad story but I can't speak/sing with the strong voice I had in the past.
I have the feeling that for now I need to get back the body that I had before I started singing. I think it's hard to convey my feelings but it's so painful that I can't sing the songs anymore that I've created.
" He explains to his fans and asks for their understanding. "Right now I'm a man who can't speak anymore, so for now I want to return to being someone who is able to sing again. Please let me do that in my own pace, step by step."

We wish Yasu a complete recovery!

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