Janne Da Arc Disbands after Bassist's Departure

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Janne Da Arc Disbands after Bassist's Departure

Japanese band Janne Da Arc announced that bassist ka-yu has departed and the band has stopped all activities after more than 20 years.

ka-yu has officially left the band and label on March 31st, 2019. The other members talked about the future of Janne Da Arc but came to the end that they will stop all band activities.

For reasons the band pointed out a few things. First of all they mention vocalist yasu's poor physical health which made him pause band activities, also with his solo project Acid Black Cherry.
Moreover, the members couldn't find a new way to continue with Janne Da Arc and for them it's impossible to continue with the remaining four members. All of this led to the decision that they will disband on April 1st, 2019.

The band explained a few things regarding ka-yu's departure. So they state in the official announcement that in the end of September the label received a letter from a lawyer's office. In order to have a fair process they don't tell what the content is but write that if what is written is true they need to take actions and it was decided that all projects ka-yu has now will have to pause. 

The members told ka-yu that they want to focus on band activities together once again but he told the other members after long conversations that he has found something more precious to him than Janne Da Arc and that he will pick the other.
The members state that even though this decision is painful for them they wish ka-yu all the best on his new path and thank their fans from the bottom of their heart for always supporting them.

As last message for his fans ka-yu writes "thank you for everything until now" on the official website.

Janne Da Arc formed back in 1996 but some of the members already made music together since 1991. The band had a lot of influence in the Japanese rock scene and many artists name Janne Da Arc as their inspiration and reason why they started making music.
They went major only 3 years after its formation and most of their singles released between 2002 and 2006 made it into the Top10 of the oricon charts. Their albums released in the same period ranked bewteen #2 and #6.
In 2007 the band paused its activities and the members focussed on their own projects. 

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