ACME to Release 4th Single "Houkago no Shiiku"

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ACME to Release 4th Single

Visual Kei band ACME will release its new single "Houkago no Shiiku" (放課後の飼育) on April 3rd.

Two different types will hit the shelves: Type A for 1000 Yen plus tax will feature the lead track as well as the English version of their song "SENKOU". SENKOU was the lead track of the band's first CD, a mini album that dropped on August 2017.

Type B for 1500 Yen plus tax will feature the same two tracks. In addition the live versions of "Paradox", "gekiyami serenade" and "ADVENTURE TIME" are included, recorded at their live on November 24th, 2018 at Shibuya Club Quattro.

You wonder what their new songs sound like? In their youtube description the lead track "Houkago no Shiiku" is described as a heavy sound that "incorporates elements of Latin trap and a contrasting melody, and the lyrical world draws you in like watching a movie". Or just check out the preview below to get am impression of it:

In about one month ACME will turn 2 years old. They will celebrate with their fans at a live on May 5th at Daikanyama UNIT in Tokyo.

Also, do you remember that ACME performed in Wisconsin, USA, last month? It was the band's first performance overseas and they uploaded a video for everyone to check out some on stage and backstage footage:

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    leighLa 4yr ago
    2 years old? Seriously. My gosh time has flown. O.O
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