[Editorial] NGT48 Should Be Disbanded

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[Editorial] NGT48 Should Be Disbanded

A third party investigation into the assault against Maho Yamaguchi found that NGT48’s management team had deficiencies that made it possible to occur.

Netizens found that Yamaguchi’s company completely and continuously have dropped the ball in how it has handled the situation.

Management’s issues began before the assault even occurred. As detailed in the third party’s report, management turned a blind eye to what members of NGT48 were doing.

While the issue of idols having the freedom to do what they want in their private lives is a whole other discussion worth having, this should not be allowed at the expense of the safety and security of the other members.

Fans should never have had access to the dorms that group members were staying at. Information about other NGT48 members that should have remained private, including when and where group mates were going, was discoverable because management did nothing to stop it.

When the assault did occur, and it was apparent that group members played a part in why it was able to happen, management attempted to sweep the story under the rug. Instead of seeking justice for Yamaguchi, the company opted to let it slide.

The image and reputation of the group was put above an actual human’s life. Damage to the group’s brand was more important than the damage done to Yamaguchi’s physical and mental being.

Management took a profits over people approach. The people in NGT48 absolutely should matter more than the product they are able to produce. Management’s decision should not be rewarded with further sales.

After Yamaguchi bravely exposed the truth, management once again tried to make the issue go away. It forced a victim of assault to apologize for being assaulted. It forced a victim to humiliate and degrade herself in order to protect the group’s image.

Management wanted to close pandora’s box. But like in the Greek myth, once the truth has been set free, there is no returning to ignorance.

After the apology debacle, netizens fiercely criticized management for how it was handling the incident. Pressure forced management to take action. It was decided that NGT48’s manager Etsuro Imamura would be removed from his position.

However, instead of firing him from the company outright, he was kept on with the company. The company wanted to protect someone in an upper management position, which stands in stark contrast to its willingness, or rather lack thereof, to protect Yamaguchu.

Once again the company was showing that it was not interested in doing the right thing by Yamaguchi. Management wanted to project the image that it was doing something about the Yamaguchi assault, when in reality it was doing what it thought was the bare minimum it could get away with.

The decisions the company has made signal that it hasn’t learned any lessons from the incident and subsequent scandal. There is no reason to believe that if something like this happens again, it would do the right thing. It seems much more believable that management will once again allow bad things to happen if it thinks it can get away with it.

We cannot trust that the people behind NGT48 will support its members if something bad happens. The trust has been permanently broken. We will never have confidence that group is being handled right.

There is no coming back from the damage done from the handling of Yamaguchi’s assault. NGT48 should just be disbanded.


Opinion by James Gatmaitan. Agree or disagree with the article? Let us know below, or send the author a tweet @Aysohmay to let him know your opinion.

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    Personally. disbandment would not be fair for the girls. Instead, I think having new and improved management would be better. In the end, it was the management's company's fault in the lack of care for their artists and care for the internal drama of the girls themselves that led to the spiraling of all the drama and scandals that ensued.

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    What happened to Maho chan was terrible and she stood for her rights but It was the management who made her apologize, I guess there's still a hope for NGT48... They can hire a new staff of management under the same title to slowly but surely improve their image. There's a reason why idols and professional singers keep their relationships private. I personally believe that there should always be someone to pass a judgment on you so you don't cross the line

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