Maho Yamaguchi Speaks Out Against NGT48 Investigation: "Why Are You Telling Nothing But Lies?"

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Maho Yamaguchi Speaks Out Against NGT48 Investigation:

While AKS released and discussed the findings of a third party's investigation into the assault against Maho Yamaguchi, the idol took to twitter to express her anger and frustration.

On March 22, 3 officials with the company held a press conference to go over the investigation report released the day before. As they spoke, Yamaguchi put them on blast.

"The 3 people who are at the press conference are implying I made false statements without confirming the facts with my guardian, sponsors, the media, the [Niigata] prefecture, the city [of Niigata], the police or even me. Why must I continue being hurt by the company even after the incident?," she tweeted.

The idol's damnation of the company continued throughout the press conference. Her frustration was clear and uncensored as she exclaimed "why are you telling nothing but lies?".

It was widely speculated that management made Yamaguchi apologize during the January 10 theater performance that propelled the incident into an international sensation. The idol confirmed this during her tweets.

According to Yamaguchi, the AKS director Takumi Matsumura wanted her to apologize for revealing the assault against her. If she did not apologize herself, then her group mates would read an apology on her behalf. Yamaguchi did not want to put that burden on her group mates, and decided to issue the apology herself.

Reporters at the press conference presented the 3 with Yamaguchi's tweets in real time. The company struggled to respond to the many of the things she wrote, though Matsumura denied that he forced Yamaguchi to apologize.

A third party investigation into the assault against Yamaguchi found that while deficiencies with NGT48's management led to the incident, no members were directly involved. The idol refuted this claim, and even said that some members had connections to criminal groups. This was not expanded upon.

Yamaguchi is said to be considering leaving NGT48 following the assault and the way AKS has handled the situation.

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