Kalafina Officially Disbands

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Kalafina Officially Disbands

Kalafina has officially disbanded, the group announced on its fan club site.

The news comes after a year of people associated with the group, including group members Keiko and Hikaru, left Space Craft Produce, the agency that manages Kalafina.

The group's end began in February 2018 when Yuki Kajiura, the creator and composer behind Kalafina, left the agency and the group.

The following month, it was reported that a member of Kalafina would be leaving the agency due to Kajiura's departure. In April 2018, Keiko announced that she had left Space Craft Produce.

Hikaru then made the decision to leave the agency in November 2018.

With 2 group members out of the agency that managed Kalafina, and the person behind the group all separated from the company, the group had in effect been dismantled throughout 2018. The announcement to disband the group comes as a formality following a year of turbulence.

According to the announcement on the group's fan club site, the agency had considered ways to have a Kalafina comeback, but ultimately could not work something out.

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    thank you for entertaining us with your music, We will keep your legacy alive by listening to and spreading your music

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    Linali 1yr ago

    That's so sad! I'm not a hard core fan but I've been listening to them for almost 3 years! An utter shock! But what begins has to end someday. We'll miss you :((

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