Juice=Juice Leader Yuka Miyazaki Sets Graduation Date

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Juice=Juice Leader Yuka Miyazaki Sets Graduation Date

Juice=Juice leader Yuka Miyazaki has set June 17 as the date for her graduation from the group.

Her graduation will be marked by a concert at Nippon Budokan.

"[Nippon] Budokan is a huge place, and I'm glad very happy that my last memories with the group will be in such a wonderful place," Miyazaki said.

The announcement was made on February 13 during a commemorative event for the group's new single "Bitansan / Potsuri to / Good bye & Good luck!".

Miyazaki announced at the end of 2018 that she will be graduating from the group following Juice=Juice's spring tour.

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    I followed Juice=Juice from the beginning and I fell in love with them even more once the other H!P groups disbanded. It's sad to know she's leaving the group now, but I hope that she has success in her future endeavours.

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