Arashi Members Talk about Hiatus in Press Conference

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Arashi Members Talk about Hiatus in Press Conference

Yesterday Japanese idol group Arashi shocked their fans with the announcement to go on hiatus on December 31st, 2020. In a press conference they talked about the reason for this decision.

Satoshi Ono, 38, the leader of the group, revealed at the press conference that he wanted to live a free life and this is not possible for him the way it is now. "Around the middle of June 2017, I told other members that I wanted to end the activities as Arashi for now. I wanted to get away from this world and experience a normal life."

In February 2018 the members talked about this decision with their management. After many discussions they decided that instead of Satoshi Ono leaving completely, the whole band will go on hiatus. Ono will take a break from the entertainment industry as of 2021 while the other members stated to not leave the industry.

Kazunari Ninomiya, 35, hopes that Ono doesn't have to bear all the criticism. He says that "if that's the case then that is a failure on all of our parts".

"It's tough if one person's views can decide the future of Arashi but it is also not right to tie down the life of a person," states Sho Sakurai, 37. They support him completely on his future path.

Arashi is part of Johnny's Entertainment. The company already lost another of their most popular idol groups, SMAP, in 2016.

Source: japantimes
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