ex-SCREW and ex-The Black Swan Members Form New Band "ARTiCLEAR"

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ex-SCREW and ex-The Black Swan Members Form New Band

Three members of The Black Swan, one of SCREW and one of AUTO-MOD have formed a new band named ARTiCLEAR.

ARTiCLEAR will hold its first live at TSUTAYA O-WEST on March 5th, 2019 that is titled "owari no hajimari" which means "the beginning of the end". 

You probably wonder who the members are that are in this new band now. Well, it might be a surprise for some since the former SCREW member is bassist Rui who left the music industry more than four years ago to become a fashion designer. Shortly later he announced his first solo album and now the bassist is back on stage with an official new band! But you might also know the other members, so check out the whole line-up:

Vocal: Jin (儿) (ex-The Black Swan)
Guitar: Itsuki (樹) (ex-The Black Swan)
Guitar: (誠) (ex-The Black Swan)
Bass: Rui (ルイ) (ex-SCREW)
Drums: Taji (多時) (ex-AUTO-MOD)

Information on the band's first CD hasn't been revealed yet but of course we will keep you updated. In the meanwhile you can check out ARTiCLEAR's website and twitter! Oh, and the lyrics video below:


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