AKS Apologizes For Handling Of Maho Yamaguchi's Assault + Confirms Other Member's Involvement

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AKS Apologizes For Handling Of Maho Yamaguchi's Assault + Confirms Other Member's Involvement

AKS, the management company behind NGT48, has issued an official statement apologizing for the way it has handled Maho Yamaguchi's assault.

The company started with an apology for the stir the incident has caused. It went on to apologize to Yamaguchi for not doing enough during this difficult time.

"Maho Yamaguchi took matters into her own hands and revealed what happened to her because of our poor response to her and her fans...We would like to rebuild trust with the members by providing counseling, stating with Yamaguchi," the company said.

AKS will be providing alarm system to all members of NGT48 and patrol areas near where they are staying in order to prevent any more assaults from happening.

In addition to the apology, AKS also confirmed that a fellow NGT48 member gave the two male assaulters enough information to know where Yamaguchi was staying and when she would be returning home.

The information provided to the two males allowed them to meet Yamaguchi as she returned home. The two entered the entrance of her building, and allegedly assaulted her. According to Yamaguchi, they grabbed her face, and she feared for her life, but was ultimately able to escape.

Police arrested the two men involved in the assault, but they were later released without being charged. In AKS' statement, it was revealed that  3rd a male was also involved in the incidenet as an accomplice.

The three men involved in the incident have been banned from all NGT48 events. Their identities have not been made public.

AKS' apology comes after Yamaguchi was made to publicly apologize for the trouble she had caused by coming forward with her assault. Netizens were swift to condemn the move, accusing AKS off victim shaming and attempting to cover up the truth.

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