Mathilda to Release Single "ningyo no mori"

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Mathilda to Release Single

Visual Kei band Mathilda will release its 2nd single next month.

The single is titled "ningyo no mori" (人魚ノ森) and the release date is scheduled for February 27th, 2019. For 1500 Yen plus tax you will receive a CD featuring the lead track and two other songs titled "kurumi mawariningyou" (くるみ割り人形) and "Y-shi" (Y氏). And be quick since it's limited to 300 copies!

But we haven't introduced Mathilda to you yet, so let's do that real quick now!
Mathilda (マチルダ) held its first live on March 31st at Ikebukuro EDGE in Tokyo. These are the members:

Vocal: Ku (喰)  (ex-shadow → Lydiac (as mikado) → DEVIZE (as Alfion))
Guitar: Ichigo Jam (一檎ジャム) (ex-Luccica → ramiel (as Nozomi))
Guitar: Asahina Sora (朝比奈 ソラ) (ex-Ribelio (as Naru))
Bass: Shigure Tamaki (時雨 環) (ex-ORGE → DOAK (as IORI) →ramiel (as tsukasa))
Drums: Yoneda (米田米) (ex-ArcGarden → AvelCain (as Sou) → reirei (as bassist reito) → DEVIZE (as drummer tomoe))

The band's latest release is a mini album titled "kiseki ni iru" (キセキニイル) that has been released on January 1st, 2019 via Visual Kei store Brand X. Below you can check out the music video for the lead track:

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