Juice=Juice Leader Yuka Miyazaki To Graduate From Group

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Juice=Juice Leader Yuka Miyazaki To Graduate From Group

Juice=Juice leader Yuka Miyazaki has announced that she will be graduating from the group and leaving Hello! Project next spring.

The announcement was made on the group's official website.

Miyazaki will remain with the group through its spring 2019 tour. The dates for that tour have not been determined.

Following her graduation, Miyazaki plans on continuing to be active in the entertainment industry. She plans on trying new things to discover what else she is capable of.

Juice=Juice debuted at the beginning of 2013. Miyazaki was selected to be part of the group's original line up. She has served as the group's leader since June 2013.

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    I thought Juice=Juice would be one of H!P's modern era groups that wouldn't have members who graduated or had too many lineup changes. It really seems like the end of an era. Juice=Juice has had the same lineup since debut, so this news is kind of sad for me, however, I do wish Yuka the best and will support her in other activities. 

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