FEST VAINQUEUR's Members Start New Projects during Band's Hiatus

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FEST VAINQUEUR's Members Start New Projects during Band's Hiatus

Two months ago Visual Kei band FEST VAINQUEUR decided to go on hiatus after their 8th anniversary. But the members don't disappear. There are new projects they want to realize.

Guitarists I'LL and GAKU are having a few lives as support members for other bands and also held their own event on December 9th that was called "Guitar GENERATION". Moreover, "VELGREED", their band that stopped being active in 2010, will have a one day revival on February 5th, 2019 in Osaka! The other members of that band are vocalist Naru (ex-BIOSPHIA, ex-DIEALO), bassist Kei (audiohead mud corps.) and drummer Shion (ex-BIOSPHIA).

And what is FEST VAINQUEUR's vocalist HAL up to? He just announced to release a solo album titled "kou" on March 14th, 2019. The Limited Edition for 3500 Yen will feature 10 songs and the music video for a song called "enishi". The Regular Edition for 3000 Yen will feature 11 songs.
To commemorate the release he will holding two lives, one in Osaka in March and one in Tokyo in April.
Also already in January and February he will hold concerts with keiya (ex-Purple Stone) and Nimo (THE MICRO HEAD 4N'S) - both are sold out by now.

Last but not least, guitarist HIRO. He and LEZARD's guitarist Kousuke decided to start a project together called "ZENSAI BOYS". A oneman live has already been decided - for February 11th at Ikebukuro EDGE in Tokyo.
They will also release a music card titled "ikinari ZENSAI" for 2000 Yen and another music card with one song titled "HARA☆PEKO" which will be for free if you go to their live.
By the way, the duo will also appear at ViSULOG's 8th anniversary live on January 26th.

Nobody revealed when the projects will end again but FEST VAINQUEUR promised to come back in October 2019.


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