NMB48's Azusa Uemura Ends Group Activities With No Graduation

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NMB48's Azusa Uemura Ends Group Activities With No Graduation

NMB48 member Azusa Uemura has left the group as of December 3.

According to officials from the group, Uemera is said have declined doing any more activities with the group. She was allowed to the leave the group, and her contracted was terminated as of December 3.

Uemera did not graduate from the group, as is traditional for idols to do. Her future activities are undecided.

At the end of 2014, a special audition was held to replace former member Nana Yamada. Uemeda was selected to join the group through this audition.

"Because I joined NMB48 by myself, I wasn't in sync with other members [going into the group]. However, because of everyone's support, I've been doing my best and have no regrets. I've loved my time here so much, but I've also decided what I want to do, the path I want to go down, and I have to believe in it. I will follow this path, and I hope to see you again," Uemera wrote in her blog.

In addition to her time with NMB48, Uemera was a contestant on the reality competition program Produce 48. She left the show after the 3rd episode.

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