Koike Teppei & Haru Natsuko Enter Surprise Marriage

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Koike Teppei & Haru Natsuko Enter Surprise Marriage

32-year-old Koike Teppei and 35-year-old actress Haru Natsuko have gotten married after dating each other for 3 years.

The relationship and marriage, both of which were unknown to the public, was revealed by tabloid magazine NEWS Post Seven.

The two were introduced to each other during the winter of 2015 through a mutual acquaintance. They bonded over their interest in nature and outdoor activities.

Despite their love of the outdoors, the couple spend most of their time indoors due to Teppei's celebrity status. A source for the magazine said Natsuko longed to date more openly.

Through their years together, the couple have met each other's parents and other relatives. A fondness for the children in their families grew, and made them think about having children of their own.

In June 2018, Teppei decided to get married to Natsuko. The two registered their marriage at the beginning of October.

At the beginning of November, a reporter for the magazine ran into Teppei on the street and congratulated him on the marriage.

"Uh...Thank you. I hope you continue to watch over us warmly...We appreciate your continued support in the future," Teppei is quoted as saying.

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    Though I wished they didn't have to be busted by tabloids this way but instead revealed it when they themselves decided to.

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