King & Prince's Genki Iwahashi Suspends Activities Due To Panic Disorder

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King & Prince's Genki Iwahashi Suspends Activities Due To Panic Disorder

King & Prince member Genki Iwahashi has temporarily suspended his activities to seek treatment for his panic disorder.

Johnny & Associates made the announcement on October 26.

"For many years Genki Iwahashi has suffered from a panic disorder, and in order to get medical treatment for it, he will be taking a break for a certain period of time...We apologize for any inconvenience or concern this has caused," the company said.

Iwahashi has been living with panic disorder since he was a child. He had been able to live with the disorder until King & Prince debuted earlier this year. The change in environment and routine made it difficult for him to cope with the disease.

After speaking with medical professionals, it was determined that the best course of action was for Iwahashi to suspend his activities in order to fully devote himself to treatment. It is uncertain how long he will be on hiatus.

Between December 6 and January 27, the stage performance "JOHNNYS' King&PrinceIsLand" was scheduled to occur at the Imperial Theatre. Iwahashi will not be participating in this.

Iwahashi plans to resume his activities with the group after his treatment has been completed.

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