Both Guitarists will Leave NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST due to Financial Issues

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Both Guitarists will Leave NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST due to Financial Issues

Visual Kei band NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST is aiming at its 10th anniversary next year but unfortunately the members won't celebrate this together - since guitairst Cazqui as well as guitarist Daichi will leave the band in the end of this year.

The reason is quite complicated but the band explained it in the official statement: Because the members realized that two persons, A & B, who were in charge of the financial management of the band didn't completely tell Cazqui and Daichi about income and expenditure the two band members hired lawyers. Their work brought to light that A used large amounts of money for personal expenses. Due to that they can't fully trust the label anymore.
Moreover both guitarists haven't been paid for song production and good design yet.

Cazqui and Daichi explain: "Under these circumstances it's too difficult to continue being active with NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST. We can't provide high-quality music or performances that way.

Cazqui is part of the band since its formation in fall 2009, Daichi joined in January 2013. For both their time as member of NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST will end after their concert on December 16th, 2018 at Shibuya STREAM HALL.

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