SAVAGE will Release 2nd Mini Album

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SAVAGE will Release 2nd Mini Album

Today we have news and music previews from Visual Kei band SAVAGE for you!

The previews are for the band's 2nd mini album "Kaibou Film" (解剖フィルム) that will drop on October 24th. The CD for 2700 Yen features six songs and one instrumental track for which you can see the titles below:

2.Koushoku (紅色)
3.Shikkaku Strawberry (失格ストロベリー)
4.Moebius (メビウス)
5.Uragiri no sakuran bunny (裏切りの錯乱バニー)
6.Overkill (オーバーキル)
7.Kagi (鍵)

And here are the previews:

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