Hitomi Yoshizawa Admits To Drunk Driving In Hit & Run Case

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Hitomi Yoshizawa Admits To Drunk Driving In Hit & Run Case

Former Morning Musume member Hitomi Yoshizawa has admitted that she was drunk while driving the morning of September 6.

"There was alcohol in my body. There's no doubt that I hit something and left," Yoshizawa is said to have admitted, according an investigator who spoke to Nikkan Sports.

On the morning on September 6, Yoshizawa is suspected of driving drunk through the streets of the Nakano area of Tokyo. A woman riding her bicycle is said to have been hit by the talent, causing her to subsequently hit a man walking nearby.

Yoshizawa is said to have returned to the scene of the crime 15 minutes after the incident, reporting the incident to police. A breathalyzer test measured a blood alcohol level of 0.58, nearly 4 times the legal limit of 0.15.

When asked why she left the scene of the crime, Yoshizawa said there were too many other cars around for her to stop.

On September 6, Yoshizawa was arrest by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department on charges of drunk driving, negligent driving, and a hit & run. On September 7, she was transferred to a different facility.

Photos of the talent taken during the transfer revealed that she had changed out of her civilian clothes, and is now wearing a gray sweater.

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    mab0roshi 4yr ago

    It is worth mentioning that Aysohmay is using mg/L measurements for BAC, which is how they do it in Japan. In many other countries, blood alcohol content is measured in percent. The Japanese legal limit of 0.15 is equal to 0.03%. Yoshizawa blew a 0.58, which is equal to 0.116% That is above legal limit in every country on earth and the punishment will be severe in Japan, because Japanese punishment is always severe.

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    I think she might have gotten off. She was just recently released on bail at 3 million Yen ($26,000) and will temporarily suspend her driving license.

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