SID Celebrates 15th Anniversary with Very First Mini Album

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SID Celebrates 15th Anniversary with Very First Mini Album

It has been already 15 years since the members stood on stage together for the first time as "SID". Now they revealed more details on the first mini album of their career.

For fans the title of this CD "ichiban suki na basho" (いちばん好きな場所, engl.: "the place I like the most") might sound familiar. SID went on a tour with the same title in 2008 and 2010. Now they decided to not only use it as tour title but title of their new mini album as well.

The CD will drop on August 22nd as Limited Edition (2788 Yen plus tax) and Regular Edition (1852 Yen plus tax). The track lists for both versions are the same but the Limited Edition comes with a DVD while the Regular one is CD-only.

02. reverb
03. sono mirai e (その未来へ)
04. rubber sole (ラバーソール)
05. ichiban suki na basho (いちばん好きな場所)

All lyrics were written by vocalist Mao but the other members contributed to the songs as well: bassist Aki composed "VOICE" and "sono mirai e", guitarist Shinji composed "reverb" while "rubber sole" and "ichiban suki na basho" were composed by drummer Yuuya.

SID's 15th anniversary live house tour will start in one month, on September 3rd, and the tour final will take place at MyNavi BLITZ AKASAKA.

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