Aimer Announces First Movie Theme Song "Black Bird"

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Aimer Announces First Movie Theme Song

Aimer will be releasing a new single titled "Black Bird" on September 5.

The new song has been picked up to the theme song to the upcoming film "Kasane". This marks the first time Aimer has provided the theme music to a movie.

"Kasane" is based off a manga series by the same name. The series follows Kasane, an ugly girl who is constantly bullied due to her looks, and Nina Tanzawa, a beautiful woman who wanted to be an actress but has been unable to find success. When the two kiss while wearing a special lipstick, they are able to trade faces, and the gears of fate begin to turn.

Aimer wrote "Black Bird" specifically for the movie. The singer expressed her desire to write a movie theme song, and called her involvement with the film fate since it will be released on September 7, the same day as her debut.

Check out the trailer for "Kasane" below:

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    The trailer of the movie seems like something to look forward to and then of course Aimer's Black Bird sounds amazing already! looking forward to September!

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    tokyohong 4yr ago

    Omg yes!! and it's to a good story too!! Kasane, a great read! Aimer ur amazing!!

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