Tensai. Postpones Survival Trip due to Earthquake in Kansai

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Tensai. Postpones Survival Trip due to Earthquake in Kansai

About one week ago Visual Kei band Tensai. revealed their plans to go on a three-day-survival trip in order to promote their 1st anniversary live. Due to the powerful earthquake that happened in the Kansai-region today, June 18th, they had to postpone it though.

The anniversary live will take place in two months, on August 20th, and before that the members want to challenge themselves by going on a survival trip. It was supposed to start on June 19th but it has been postponed to July 2nd due to the earthquake.

The band will spend 3 days and 2 nights on a deserted island. They made a tweet that will help them to make it through the days - or let's say, it helps them if the fans play along. The more retweets the tweet gets, the more items the band will allowed to bring to the island. For example: 

200RT: insect repellent
600RT: 20l of water
900RT: 10 bananas
1000RT: beer
3000RT: tent
5000RT: nintendo switch

and more.

Vocalist Cult already promoted a concert like this in the past when he went on a 500km bike ride under similar conditions.

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    leighLa 2yr ago

    I like how they prioritized BEER over a TENT.

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