DaizyStripper to Release New Mini Album "Shinsekai"

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DaizyStripper to Release New Mini Album

Visual Kei band DaizyStripper will release its new mini album "shinsekai" (シン世カイ) on July 25th.

The lead track "cosmos" (コスモス) will be produced - just like their former song "4GET ME NOT" by L'Arc~en~Ciel's Ken. Below you can find the track list of Type A and C while type B and D don't feature the accousic songs but only the new first 6 tracks:

1.cosmos (コスモス) (music by Kazami)
2.TIME CRUISE (music by Mayu)
3.TOXIC PEOPLE (music by Nao)
4.CHLOE (music by Kazami)
5.CALLING U (music by Rei)
6.innocence (music by Kazami)
7.Adam (acoustic vers.) (music by Mayu)
8.tsumi na batsu (罪な罰) (acoustic vers.) (music by Kazami)
9.BLACK DROPPer (acoustic vers.) (music by Nao)
10.STARGAZER (acoustic vers.) (music by Kazami)
11.MY WAY (acoustic vers.) (music by Rei)

All lyrics were written by vocalist Yugiri except for "cosmos" for which bassist Rei wrote the lyrics.

Moreover, Type A for 3685 Yen plus tax and Type B for 3200 Yen plus tax come with a DVD featuring the lyric movie for "cosmos" as well as a different Making Video. Type C for 3200 Yen plus tax and Type D for 2800 Yen plus tax are CD-only.

On July 28th DaizyStripper will kick off its Acoustic & Chaotic 2Days Tour holding one "acoustic" and one "chaotic" live in each city they visit. The tour will end on September 20th at Shibuya WWW-X.

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