E-Girls' "Pain, pain" Tops JpopAsia's Music Video Chart For May 2018

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E-Girls' music video "Pain, pain" was the most viewed video on JpopAsia during the month of May 2018.

JpopAsia compiled a list of the top 20 most watched music videos throughout the month of May. "Pain, pain" topped this list.

This is the third month in a row that "Pain, pain" was the most watched video on JpopAsia. This is the 2nd time an artist has achieved this since JpopAsia began its music video chart. Kame to YamaP's "Senakagoshi no Chance" achieved this same feat last summer.

Hot topics during the month of May were Aqua Timez's announcement that it will be disbanding, and former TOKIO member Tatsuya Yamaguchi's sexual assault of a 16-year-old girl. These stories spurred interest in these artists, and music videos from them appeared on this month's music video chart.

"Pain, pain" is E-Girls' 22nd single. It was used as the ending theme for the TBS drama "Kimi ga Kokoro ni Sumi Tsuita".

Check out the top 20 most watched music videos on JpopAsia below:

1. Pain, pain - E-Girls
2. Mabataki - back number
3. Hatsukoi - Utada Hikaru
4. KISS OF DEATH (Produced by HYDE) - Mika Nakashima
5. Eden - Aqua Timez
6. ASH - LiSA
7. PLOT - UVERworld
8. Lemon - Kenshi Yonezu
9. Tegami - TOKIO
10. Synchronicity - Nogizaka46
11. CLEAR - Maaya Sakamoto
12. ODD FUTURE - UVERworld
13. Flag wo Tatero - YUKI
14. Mae wo Muke - Hey! Say! JUMP
15. Teacher Teacher - AKB48
16. Eclipse - Shouta Aoi
17. Finally - Namie Amuro
18. Changing Point - i☆Ris
19. Doraemon - Gen Hoshino
20. Fiction - sumika

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