[Album Review] Haru Nemuri - Haru to Shura

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[Album Review] Haru Nemuri - Haru to Shura

Look. Anyone who knows me knows that punk, hard rock is not my go to genre. I’m not opposed to it, but the majority of what I listen to is on the pop end of the spectrum. So when I’m unable to stop listening to an album that largely draws from punk rock for its aesthetic, it’s because it’s a damn good album. Haru Nemuri’s debut studio album “Haru to Shura” fits that bill.

Nemuri opens the album with the track “MAKE MORE NOISE OF YOU”. She immediately grabs your attention with a strong guitar riff, pounding drums, and the repetition of a command statement. Once she has you hooked, she never lets go. Fortunately, the song represents what you’re about to embark on throughout the rest of the album. The songs that follow will rock just as hard as what she initially serves you.

On the album’s next track “Narashite”, the album’s credo to make more noise continues. The song’s instrumentals don’t punch as hard as the opener, but the vocals do all the heavy hitting. There is an urgency and importance to what she’s singing that evolves through the course of the song. The first half of the song has a more traditional vocal style, but the second half utilizes a screaming technique that adds weight to the lyrical content. Even the chorus is sung differently between the two halves of the song, amplifying the singer’s angst. Songs typically start off strong and still manage to kick things into high gear, creating dynamic tracks that progress, evolve, and truly feel alive.

There is a youthful energy present on the album. It’s an attribute that can’t be faked. It’s authentic. And it makes the whole album feel fresh, vibrant, and spirited. This youthful energy is paired with the uncertainty of youth. There are threads woven throughout the album that speak to common feelings young 20-somethings all have: what is my place this the world? Am I going to die alone? How do I navigate an existence that’s always changing? The pairing of this youthful uncertainty with Nemuri’s youthful energy impresses upon you her need to figure out and understand life. It’s a lofty goal to attain, and ultimately she doesn’t reach enlightenment, but the journey she takes while trying to discover this is absolutely worth going along.

Rating: 9.0 out of 10
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