DIAURA to Release Concept Single under "New" Name

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DIAURA to Release Concept Single under

Visual Kei band DIAURA will release a new single this July - but under a different name!

While "DIAURA" is always written in Latin letters they decided that this new concept single will be released under the same name with the same pronounciation - but written in Katakana: ディオーラ. The writing of the member's names has changed to Kanji.  

The band's first single with the concept of "neo darkness" is titled "Unmei Kaika" (運命開化) and costs 1620 Yen. The release date is set for July 18 and you will get your hands on three different songs: the lead track, "sougoku" (葬獄) and "nemesis" (ネメシス).

DIAURA also revealed their plans for this year's gumin day - the day they celebrate their fans. On September 3rd they will perform at Zepp DiverCity Tokyo. A fanclub tour will follow from September 16th to October 8th.

Shared by: Keia
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