HERO-, Sadie- and ex-SuG-Members Band Nana to Release First CD in 12 Years

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HERO-, Sadie- and ex-SuG-Members Band Nana to Release First CD in 12 Years

Visual Kei band Nana announced to return this summer and fans can already look forward to a new album!

Back in the scene or not back in the scene? Fans of Visual Kei band Nana couldn't be really sure during the past years. Five whole years have passed since the band revealed that they would make a comeback but it seems like they were busy with other bands and projects during that time to focus only on Nana. If you don't know them yet and aren't sure what this is all about, check out the members' names below! You might know some of them:

Vocal: Yamaoki Rei (山沖 怜) (ex-VALKYR, ex-Re:VAL, the birdman)
Guitarist: SARSHI (HERO, FlutterEcho)
Guitarist: Chiyu (ex-SuG)
Bassist: Aki (Sadie, AXESSORY)
Drummer: Fujiwara Akihito (藤原章人), (ZeeF, FlutterEcho)

While the band did hold a few concerts since that announcement in 2013, their activities were mostly underground. Now it seems like they are really back - with a oneman live and a new CD! Fujiwara Akihito explains why they decided for a comeback: "After Nana stopped being active [in 2006] we all went different ways and had our own goals to achieve. Now, that we did that, we started to think: "I want to be active with this band once again with the abilities I have now." We all had the same thought and that's why we started walking once again with these wonderful members."

The oneman live will take place on July 1st, 2018 at Shinjuku ReNY and the album drops on June 20th. It is titled "CALL US" and will feature quite a lot of (old) songs: 17 in total for 3700 Yen.

2. rockstar ni akogarete (ロックスターに憧れて)
3. dalmatian (ダルメシアン)
4. hostess no pistol ☆ (ホステスのピストル☆)
5. megane fechi 1984nen (眼鏡フェチ1984年)
6. Speed
7. yume to.... ( 『夢と・・・・』)
8. sou (想)
9. rennaihana (恋愛花)
10. ao yori fukaku (青より深く)
11. sora×Free (空×Free)
12. utsukushii kono sekai de (美しいこの世界で)
14. shounen (少年)
15. rin (輪)
16. Honey
17. Dear

If you want to keep an eye on them, you can do so on their website, twitter and youtube!

Nana is a Visual Kei band that was active from 2002 to 2006 with a short break of half a year from 2004 to 2005. In 2013 the members revealed to return to the scene and finally in January 2018 they opened their new website and revealed their new line-up.

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