ex-SuG's CHIYU Reveals Full PV for First Album

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ex-SuG's CHIYU Reveals Full PV for First Album

We've already reported on CHIYU who announced his solo debut for spring 2018, about half a year after SuG's disbanding. Now we have more information on it!

His first mini album "Seven Deadly Sins" will drop on April 25th, four days before his oneman tour starts, and comes in two different types, each type costing 2700 Yen plus tax. CHIYU wrote the lyrics for most of the songs and also revealed who composed the music that is featured on the album:

M-1. GOD DIVA (Written by: Tom-H@ck (TaWaRa))
M-2. aiyoku no hana (愛欲の華) (Music: CHIYU, Tokiya Sugishita, Lyrics: CHIYU)
M-3. AMArican Dream (Music: JUN (GOTCHAROCKA), Lyrics: CHIYU)
M-4. mugen no kaze (無限の風) (Music & Lyrics: youth case, Arrangement: CHIYU)
M-5. shoseiron (書生論), Music: Aiji (LM.C), Lyrics: CHIYU)
M-6. apathy house (Music: Reika (D=OUT), Lyrics: CHIYU)
M-7. Regret (Music: Mizuki (Sadie・The THIRTEEN), Lyrics: CHIYU)

Moreover, each type comes with a DVD. While Type A features the PV and Making, Type B features "Music Video Other Cut" Version A and B.

But enough of the talking - It's time to check out some music! Below you can watch the full PV for "mugen no kaze" as well as previews for all the other songs.

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