FEST VAINQUEUR will Take a Break

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FEST VAINQUEUR will Take a Break

FEST VAINQUEUR just released its 2nd Concept Album last month - the first CD without drummer Kazi. Now they revealed that they are planning to take a break from the band.

On October 28th, 2018 FEST VAINQUEUR will hold its 8th anniversary live at Namba Hatch in Osaka. This will be their last concert - for a year. Even though "hiatus" never sounds nice, don't worry too much about the band! They already stated that they are planning to return for their 9th anniversary. And there are even more plans! Half a year ago the Kansai band already promised to stand on stage of Osakajo hall in October 2020 for their 10th anniversary.

Guitarist GAKU stated that they don't just want to "stand" on that stage but to "succeed" there. To be able to achieve that, they want to challenge a few things first. The members will be active with solo projects during the break of the band and return for the "4th period" of FEST VAINQUEUR. 

For the members there exist four different "periods" of the band: From 2010 to 2012 their line-up was the same as the one of their former band Sincrea: vocalist Hal, guitarist Tomo, bassist Hiro and drummer Kazi. After Tomo's departure guitarists I'LL and GAKU joined the band. This "2nd period" lasted for 5 years until drummer Kazi's sudden departure one year ago. During the following "3rd period" FEST VAINQUEUR didn't have an official drummer.
Let's see what the 4th period brings that is planned to start in October 2019!

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