B.P.RECORDS Signs New Band "Zero[Hz]"

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B.P.RECORDS Signs New Band

A new Visual Kei band is signed under label B.P.RECORDS since March 20th, 2018 - and already announced the release of its first album.

The new band that started band activities today is named "Zero[Hz]" (零[Hz]), pronounced as "Zero Hertz". If you are keeping track of B.P.RECORDS' bands then you might remember LONDBOY. That band's music videos were produced by the label and the members also went on tour with the label's other bands in the past. They weren't signed as official band but made that step now!

Why are we talking about LONDBOY now? The answer is quite simple: Four members of Zero[Hz] were formerly in LONDBOY that disbanded half a year ago, two of them have changed their names though. Only ex-LONDBOY's guitarist Kanade isn't part of Zero[Hz]. For him guitarist Leo (ex-Dangan NO LIMIT) has joined the other members. This is the complete line-up:

Vocal: ROY
Guitarist: Rio
Guitarist: Leo
Bass: Gaga (ガガ) (in LONDBOY as Teika)
Drums: Colo (in LONDBOY as Ryouga)

The band already announced its first CD and that isn't even a single but a whole album! The title is "zeroseisen" (零聖戦) and it is scheduled to drop on May 2nd. The A Type that comes with 11 songs and a DVD featuring a PV and Making costs 3500 Yen plus tax. The B Type is CD-only featuring 12 songs.

You want to listen to a song? Good news since we have music for you! The PV for "AGUL" featured on the album can be watched below:

In May Zero[Hz] will already go on its first oneman tour. It starts on May 6th and will lead them to eight cities all over Japan. The tour final will be held on June 3rd at TSUTAYA O-WEST. If you need more information then check out the band's website!

What do you think about this new band?

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