ex-SUG Takeru's Solo Project sleepyhead Announces First Album

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ex-SUG Takeru's Solo Project sleepyhead Announces First Album

Takeru will release his first album as part of his solo project "sleepyhead".

The album is titled "DRIPPING" and you can buy it as of June 20th, 2018.
The Regular Edition for 3240 Yen is CD-only and features 13 songs, composed and written by Takeru.
The Limited Edition costs 14580 Yen and features the same songs like the Regular Edition. Moreover, it comes with two blu-ray discs. If you buy the first one you can watch his first live as well as a backstage documentary. The second disc features three music videos "Yamikumo" (闇雲), "Meitei" (酩酊) and "HOPELESS" and their making ofs. And there will be a special extra: a pillow case! You can choose between a white and a black one, both are collaboration items with million dollar orchestra, designed by Takeru. They also ship overseas, so make sure to get your hands on it if you're interested!

Also, check out Takeru's comment where he's talking about this new CD.

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