Rave to Release New CD after Leaving PS Company

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Rave to Release New CD after Leaving PS Company

Visual Kei band Rave will leave the famous Visual Kei Label PS Company. But that doesn't mean the band has given up on its activities! A new CD has already been announced.

On March 31st Rave's contract with PS Company will expire and it seems like this will really be the end of their cooperative work. As of April 1st the band will be signed under 24 RECORDS and under this new label they will release a mini album titled "menbure-san toorimasu." (メンブレさん通ります。). Below you can see the songs featured on both types:

1. koronda (「転んだ。」)
3. reset (リセット)
4. kimi ga abazure (君がアバズレ)
5. psycho killer (サイコキラー)
6. tsugunai (償い)

The Regular Edition costs 2700 Yen while the Limited Edition is 3000 Yen. It comes with a Music Card that features the PV for the 1st song as well as its making.

Shared by: Keia
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