ex-LOUD GRAPE and ex-ALIVE Members Form New Band "HELLO."

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ex-LOUD GRAPE and ex-ALIVE Members Form New Band

The band name is hard to google but if you're interested in Indie Visual Kei bands then here is one you might want to check out: HELLO.

The band revealed details on its members and first release just a few minutes ago. These are the members of this new band named HELLO.:

Vocal: ria (りあ)
Guitar: sekiguchi (関口)
Guitar: 373
Bass: momonari (ももなり)
Drums: aki (あき)

Some of you might already know vocal ria from his former band LOUD GRAPE and drummer aki from his former band ALIVE. Both bands disbanded in spring 2016.

It seems like HELLO.'s first live will be held on May 28th, 2018 and the one after that on June 11th. Both will be in Tokyo which makes us assume that the band is based in Tokyo.

Unfortunately the first CD will be live-limited. It's titled "kimi to kakusei." (キミと覚醒。) and features the lead track and another song titled "non-perfection world" (ノンパーフェクションワールド). Song previews aren't available yet but keep a look on the band's website!

Shared by: Keia
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