Mari Yaguchi Reportedly Getting Remarried This Month

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Mari Yaguchi Reportedly Getting Remarried This Month

Mari Yaguchi is set to get married this month to a man she has been dating for the past 4 years.

A report published by Sponichi cited multiple entertainment industry officials and relatives who all said the former idol will be getting married this month.

Yaguchi's future husband is said to be a former model who no longer works within the entertainment industry. His identity has not been confirmed, but is rumored to be the model who she cheated with during her first marriage.

The families of the two did not approve of the their relationship at first, according to the report. However, their attitudes changed over the course of their 4 years together.

Yaguchi has been hinting at getting remarried since last year when she stated that 2018 would be a good year to get remarried. On January 8, she stated that she was preparing to get remarried, but did not expand upon the subject.

This will be the second time Yaguchi has been married. Her first marriage was to the actor Masaya Nakamura in May 2011. The two got divorced in 2013 after Yaguchi was caught cheating on him with the model Kenzo Umeda.

Yaguchi's relationships have been of particular interest since her time with Morning Musume. The idol was caught dating actor Shun Oguri in 2005, causing her to withdraw from the group for betraying her position as an idol.

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