Johnny & Associates Opens First YouTube Channel

9mo ago   ·   Monday 5 Mar, 2018 - 02:30pm UTC   ·   Aysohmay   ·   8 upvotes   ·   0 comments   ·   3,872 views
Johnny & Associates Opens First YouTube Channel

Johnny & Associates is slowing embracing the digital age of media. The company has opened its first official YouTube channel which will be for its Johnny's Jr. groups.

In a trailer video released with the account's opening, the company said that the channel will be for "people all over the world". Subtitles were included with the video, demonstrating a willingness to provide content to international fans.

The following is the official description of the YouTube channel:

Johnny's Jr. Channel features an array of contents including performance videos, behind the scenes footages, entertainment shows and exciting challenges. Something new with exciting content is posted almost every day so every audience including fans of Johnny’s artists and day-to-day YouTube viewers can enjoy the channel. Johnny’s official YouTube channel kicks off with self-nominated Johnny’s Jr. artists - HiHi Jets, Tokyo B Shonen, SixTONES, Snow Man and Travis Japan - taking turns each day of the week to compete against each other for more audience views.  All of Johnny’s YouTube content are available to viewers globally.

The move comes a month after Johnny & Associates partially lifted its image ban for online media outlets.

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