Matenrou Opera Gains New Guitarist and Announces New Single

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Matenrou Opera Gains New Guitarist and Announces New Single

This month has just started but we have already a couple of great announcements for you! Matenrou Opera revealed that after Yu's retirement last month a new guitarist will join them, a new single will drop and a couple of concerts will be held.

Let's start with the most exciting announcement: the new guitarist. He is named Jay and already acted as support member for the band. He used to be in a band called "LIGHT BRINGER" that is on indefinite hiatus but departed from this band on March 2nd, 2018. On LIGHT BRINGER's official twitter he stated: 

"I thought this band is over, so I thought I would put my guitar aside and return to Osaka. That time I became acquainted with new people. 

I want to play the guitar once again. I want to make music once again reaching for the top. I met this band that made me think that, more than anything, I want to be in a band again. So I decided that I will play the guitar again."

His first live with the band will be on May 4th, 2018.

One month later the band's new single "Invisible Chaos" will drop. Details such as the exact release date or track list haven't been revealed yet but we'll keep an eye on it!

And last but not least, on June 17th Matenrou Opera will start its "Invisible Chaos" Tour. The tour final will be held on August 4th at AKASAKA BLITZ in Tokyo.

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