Chatmonchy To Provide Theme Song For Upcoming Film "Tsuma Furi"

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Chatmonchy To Provide Theme Song For Upcoming Film

Chatmonchy will be providing the theme song to thew upcoming movie "Ienikaeru to Tsuma ga Kanarazu Shindafuri o Shite Imasu.".

The movie is based on a post made in 2010 on Yahoo Answer in which a husband explains that his wife always pretends to be dead when he gets home. The way she pretends to die got more and more elaborate over time.

The story went viral on social media. It was boosted by the vocaloid creator Hobonichi-P who create a song based on the post.

The movie will be hitting theaters on June 8. Details about the theme song will be released at a later date.

Chatmonchy is set to disband at the end of July. The duo will be releasing its final album in June.

Shared by: Aysohmay
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