JpopAsia Switches To Billboard Japan Hot 100 Chart

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JpopAsia Switches To Billboard Japan Hot 100 Chart

JpopAsia has made the decision to use the Billboard Japan Hot 100 as its source for the weekly J-pop chart updates, effective immediately.

For years, JpopAsia has been using Oricon as its source for its weekly J-pop chart updates. How well a song did on the Oricon chart was an accurate barometer to gauge what the people in Japan were listening to. This is no longer the case.

Over the years, the way people listen to music has changed. People no longer buy physical CDs the way they used to. Today, digital music streaming services and video streaming sites compose the greatest share of our music listening experience. This is not taken into account on Oricon's chart.

Oricon's inability to adapt and embrace the digital era of music has resulted in an inaccurate representation of what the Japanese public is listening to. An example of this is Gen Hoshino's breakout single "Koi". Released on October 5, 2016, the song placed 2nd on Oricon's weekly singles chart during its first week of release, and quickly dropped in rank. However, the song was a sensation with a long period of continuous digital consumption. On Billboard Japan's chart, the song was ranked 3rd for 2016, and 1st for 2017.

Unlike Oricon, Billboard Japan takes a holistic approach in determining its chart. Billboard Japan does consider physical sales, but also digital sales, streaming, radio airplay, and even tweets about the songs. These metrics combine to give a much more accurate representation of what the Japanese public is listening to.

Our aim is to bring our readers the latest and hottest news and music coming out of Japan. Billboard Japan Hot 100 is better suited to our mission to inform you of what is going on in the Japanese music market.

JpopAsia will continue to independently track its own data to provide the top 20 most viewed music videos on the site every month.

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    Trekkie 10mo ago

    I think this was a good decision, however hasn't Oricon started to also record digital sales? It's included in a separate chart, but the numbers for digital albums were always much lower than the weekly numbers for physical albums which surprised me. But maybe that's because the chart I was looking at was for entire albums, whereas more people buy individual songs. Also it didn't take into account streaming, whereas Billboard does I think, and also youtube views, tweets, etc.

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    Yeah, all in all, there are too many issues with Oricon. Billboard takes account into everything into one while Oricon does int separately - counting it into one makes things easier to see what is popular and trending rather than checking different charts to see that.

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