Mariya Nishiuchi Denies Rumors Of Retirement

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Mariya Nishiuchi Denies Rumors Of Retirement

Mariya Nishiuchi was widely seen as a rising star in the entertainment industry, both as a singer and an actress. And then she disappeared.

It has been over a year since Nishiuchi has been active, prompting some to wonder whether she had decided to retire. The singer laid to rest these rumors, stating in an interview to reporters that this will not be the case.

According to the tabloid magazine Shukan Bunshun, Rising Production, the agency Nishiuchi is signed with, will not be renewing its contract with Nishiuchi. The contract is set to expire in March.

Further, the magazine published a report last year claiming that Nishiuchi and the agency's president were involved in an altercation. This played a role in the singer getting blacklisted by the company which has prevented her from getting work while still under its management.

When asked by reporters for the magazine to comment on the matter, Nishiuchi said that she was not thinking about retiring, but was advised by her lawyer not to speak about her contract. She alluded to having a side to the story that she was not able to talk about at this time

Despite her inactivity, Nishiuchi expressed a desire to continue bringing entertaining content to her fans.

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