Matenrou Opera's Yu Retires from Band Activities

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Matenrou Opera's Yu Retires from Band Activities

Today the band held its concert in Sendai when the members shocked their fans with the announcement that drummer Yu will leave Matenrou Opera and retire from band activities.

Occupational musicians sometimes suffer from problems with their health such as polyps or tendonitis. Also Yu suffers from dystonia in his left hand for quite a long time and feels like he can't give enough anymore to continue band activities any longer. Having that in mind has decided to depart from the band due to this disease.

Yu writes in his comment: "The goal I've set myself to continue with Matenrou Opera until I'm 60 years old and the goal we've set as a band that we want to stand on the stage of Budokan with these members... I can't keep this promise I've given everyone. I'm really sorry."

His last live will take place at the band's 10th anniversary tour final on March 2nd at EX THEATER ROPPONGI in Tokyo.

Yu already took a break from band activities due to his disease in 2012 and 2013. He is part of the band since its formation.

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