Mamireta Starts Three Months Consecutive Release Campaign

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Mamireta Starts Three Months Consecutive Release Campaign

Visual Kei band Mamireta (まみれた) has announced a three month consecutive release plan. Look forward to many new songs this spring!

The campaign features three new singles that will drop in March, April and May and that all have the word "shiin" = "reason of death" in their titles. "Shiin: kurashi" (死因:暮らし, engl. "reason of death: living") will drop on March 7th, "Shiin: mushi" (死因:無視, engl. "reason of death: ignoring") will be released on April 4th and "Shiin: wakaran" (死因:わからん, engl: "reason of death: don't know") is scheduled to hit the shelves on May 2nd.
Each CD will cost 2000 Yen plus tax and even the track lists and a preview have already been released:

Shiin: kurashi
01. shiin: kurashi (死因:暮らし)
02. Yuukou kigen -kyou- (有効期限)
03. Yukaname no tensai (床舐めの天才)
shiin: kurashi PV

Shiin: mushi
01. shiin: mushi (死因:無視)
02. shuujitsu owari (終日終わり)
03. shima nagashi (死魔流し)
shiin: mushi PV

Shiin: wakaran
01. shiin: wakaran (死因:わからん)
02. boku ga toketeku kaerimichi (僕が溶けてく帰り路)
03. oshiete (教えて)
shiin: wakaran PV

Here is the preview for "shiin: kurashi":

Mamireta (まみれた) held its first live in February 2017 with its four members vocalist batsu (伐), guitarist ryusei, bassist karu. (かる。) and drummer mirai (未来). All of them seem to be new to the scene since no former bands are known so far! Their first single "Tabetai" has been released last May and their 2nd single "Ojamashimasu" dropped about half a year later. You can check out their songs on the band's youtube channel and find out more about them on their website and twitter!

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